4 evenings x 8 weeks

The only program of its kind in Los Angeles, this fresh approach mines some of the best healers in the city, making those modalities accessible for the working professionals.


Sanctuary in the City is also an aftercare program for clients transitioning from residential addiction treatment back into their lives.


Each week will build upon the next, lighting up new neural pathways of healing with engaging, creative experiences. Clients will emerge with a strong foundation in recovery, a deeper and more connected sense of self, direction in life, and familiarity with some of the city’s most accomplished spiritual guides and community of like-minded souls who are journeying alongside them.

Integrated Healing From the Inside Out
Seven Foundations

Laying the groundwork for a spiritual lifestyle that supports sustainable recovery and vibrant living.

Group Sessions

Experiential workshops with a world-class support network of master practitioners in breathwork and yoga to nutritionists and sound healers.


One-on-one psychotherapy sessions with exceptional clinicians along with access to an oasis of experts in healing modalities.


Designed for the working professional, evening group sessions, each building on the next, creating a customized, personal experience anchored by the essential foundation of community.

Parashakti's 7 Foundations

Parashakti’s 7 Foundations correlate with each week:

one through seven.

The eighth week is a culmination of the preceding  seven weeks and ends in a spiritually awakening finale.

Discover Your Ground

Transform the shaky, uncertain territory of early recovery into a safe, sacred, and sustainable foundation. Meditation and art therapy will act as guides, inviting sacredness in to reflect, inspire, and help set intentions for life and body.  Clients will be guided in grounding meditations and exercises drawn from shamanic and Native American traditions in order to examine physical surroundings and spirits, identifying objects and relationships worth cherishing – and learning to let go of those that no longer serve.

The Journey of Intention

Learn to awaken, focus, and deeply connect with the most precious of values, raising emotional and physical energy, and charting a map through sobriety. Meditation, yoga, creative journaling and art are harnessed to focus on getting in-touch with an inner voice and re-authoring the narrative. Studies have shown that even a glass of water can be influenced by intentions. Imagine what it can do for humans.

Awakening the Senses

The third foundation works to increase access to sensory wisdom. For many of us, the numbing of our “sensational self” – our authentic experiences of feeling, tasting, hearing, touching, smelling, intuiting – began early in life and was exacerbated by addiction. Addiction alienates people from their sensory selves and deepest desires. Vibrant recovery means learning to nurture the body with new kinds of rewards. Nutritionists and a raw, live, plant-based chef will help clients get in touch with the crucial needs of the body in recovery, culminating in a family-style Friday evening dinner of nourishing food bliss.

The embodied Breath

Breath is the basis of life – and the spiritual, biological connection between the outside world and the internal one. The embodied breath applies therapeutic techniques to foster inner connection, profound energetic release, somatic awareness and grounding, and psycho-spiritual integration. Breathwork, meditation and exercise will be used to foster spiritual connection and relaxation.

The Sound Healing

For tens of thousands of years, humans have been using the power of vibrational sound to heal. Sound healing increases relaxation, decreases stress hormones and depression, and improves the immune system. This foundation focuses on the power of listening to and expressing our own voices – figuratively and literally – while becoming more mindful of the sounds around us, and the ability of sound to heal, moving from a state of disintegration to wholeness and ease.  Chanting meditations will get clients in touch with the physiological and psychological healing power of vocal vibrations, and a sound healing master will perform a deeply meditative sound bath.

Dance of Liberation

Dance therapy uses movement to help individuals gain emotional, physical, cognitive, and social integration, and has been shown to reduce stress, prevent disease, and manage mood. Dance of Liberation™ is a powerful form of movement therapy rooted in ancient shamanic tradition that clears blockages in the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Movement therapy techniques will be used to explore relationships to pain and shadow, and learn how to work with the body to release and get in touch with lost parts of self. Weaving in the work of previous foundations, the group will head off-campus to a renowned wellness center for an ecstatic dance experience.

Returning Home: Daily Practice and Joyful Service

Acts of compassion and service are the cornerstone of a spiritual practice, increasing connection, self-esteem and helping to maintain perspective in the face of depression, anxiety, blame, self-loathing, and feelings of victimization. A growing body of research demonstrates what many have known – that service helps people stay sober. The seventh foundation is about introducing service into recovery and integrating new awareness into daily life. Through deep meditation and yogic practices, the program identifies and explores one’s unique gifts and offerings to the world, in order to help people reclaim a sense of purpose and perspective. The week will culminate in a communal act of service.

The 8th Week

In the eighth week, clients explore different ways of integrating new learning into their recovery. A meditative graduation ceremony honors their journey. They’ll be introduced to of a vast set of resources in the SITC after-care program, and join our community of alumni, with free access to a weekly Sanctuary experience.

Group Work at its finest

Group work includes psychotherapy process and psycho-education, with an emphasis on the intense experiential workshops, every evening. SITC offers a world-class support network of master practitioners, including experts in breathwork and yoga and nutritionists and sound healers. Yoga, meditation, individual process-work like therapeutic art and writing, are all used on an weekly basis to help clients develop the tools for relaxation and self-awareness vital to recovery.  



Addiction, depression, and anxiety can have us feeling broken in a million pieces, convincing us that our most jagged piece defines who we are and what we deserve. When we access our innate knowing, we stand a better chance of living the lives we choose, not the lives that addiction or mental illness would choose for us. Our Clinicians and Master Healers work in unison to create a unique setting for treatment and recovery. One-on-one therapy is integrated into the program on a weekly basis for every participating SITC client. 



Community is a crucial pillar of recovery; having people around who know something about what each other is going through and can mirror the experience and give mutual support is essential to thriving. We’ve designed the program in order to introduce people to healing resources and community; our guest teachers all also provide services locally and are committed to helping clients access continued healing.