How We Treat

Group Work


Known as the “yoga of awareness”, Kundalini yoga is a spiritual and physical practice unique among other yoga practices, and designed to increase consciousness and physical vitality.


Meditation can physically change the brain, rewiring it in ways that can reduce stress, increase empathy, compassion, and introspection. In recovery, that rewiring can interrupt the thought and behavior patterns associated with substance use.


Mindfulness is a way of relating to both negative and positive experiences that reminds us that all experiences are temporary and will pass - and more easily so, if we let them.


When one nourishes the body, the body becomes capable of healing faster, and enabling longer, fuller life. Nourishment becomes an expression of higher spiritual intentions, and a powerful act of self-love.


Our breath - its rhythm, its ease or difficulty, can give us a clear signal of the balance or imbalance within. Remarkably, we can also harness the breath to help regulate our inner world and find balance.


Art therapy is about freeing oneself from the inner critic in order to engage more playful and open-hearted energies, and to get to know creativity as it speaks through you.


Sound healing can look like a variety of passive or more active exercises, from chanting to listening deeply to mindfully taking in the sounds in one’s environment.


As gravity exerts itself on the body, dance becomes a way to move between power and vulnerability, struggle and ease, control and chaos, opening one up to the ongoing, never-ending conversation between mind, spirit, and body.


Process groups can foster deep understanding of one’s experiences in relationships - experiences of intimacy, boundaries, trust, and control, for example.

Individual Psychotherapy

  • Relational
    • Insight-oriented Therapy
    • Focus on Unconscious Processes
    • Develop Self-awareness
    • Develop Understanding
    • Discover Influence of the Past on the Present
    • Foster Attachments

  • CBT

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Solution Focused
    • Problem Solving
    • Change Dysfunctional Thinking Patterns
    • Support Preferred Behaviors
    • Manage Symptoms

  • DBT

    • Dialectical-Behavior Therapy
    • Change Through Acceptance
    • Experience Intense Emotions
    • Accept Difficult Emotional Experiences
    • Find Balance
    • Mindfulness

  • EMDR
    • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing
    • Treatment of Trauma
    • Bilateral Stimulation of the Brain
    • Fosters New Learning
    • Reduces Emotional Distress
    • Promotes Cognitive Insights

  • TRM

    • Trauma Resiliency Model
    • Healing the Effects of Trauma
    • Focus on Biological Responses to Trauma
    • Explore Fight, Flight & Freeze
    • Restore Balance to the Body
    • Restore Balance to the Mind

  • Somatic

    • Focus on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • For Mental and Physical Trauma
    • Aimed at Relieving Symptoms
    • Aimed at Resolving Symptoms
    • Focus on Body Sensation
    • Focus on Somatic Experiences


Recovery in every-day life

Enabling Dialogue

Continued After-Care

Healing Resources

Community Support System

Alumni Group

Continued Parashakti Group Session

Work & Relationships

On-going Access to Master Teachers

Local Services

Continued Psychotherapy

Being of Service


Designed for the working professional, the program offers evening group sessions several nights a week, each building on the next, creating a customized, personal experience anchored by the essential foundation of community.


Sessions include process group therapy, psycho-education, and intense experiential workshops with a world-class support network of master practitioners, from experts in breathwork and yoga to nutritionists and sound healers. Yoga, meditation, and individual process work like therapeutic art and writing, will be used on an ongoing basis to help clients go deeper into curriculum themes and to develop the tools for relaxation and self-awareness vital to recovery.  To foster a sense of continuity and community, one evening a week also welcomes program alumni at no additional charge.


Weekly one-on-one psychotherapy sessions with exceptional clinicians are also provided, along with access to an oasis of experts in healing modalities.


This is multi-level, integrated healing from the inside out.