Sanctuary in the City is a safe place to nurture love, connect to yourself and others, and a place to heal.
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Sanctuary in the City is a boutique, spiritually-based evening addiction treatment & life renewal program lead by master healers designed for working professionals. This transformative 8-week evening program integrates a spiritual curriculum of dynamic experiences with master healers, process groups, psycho-education, individual psychotherapy, psychiatry, and one-on-one holistic healing for people who want to address their substance abuse issues and are seeking a 12-Step alternative path.

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How We Treat

holistic treatment for the mind, body and soul


Yoga can naturally replace the brain’s dopamine functions, reduce cravings and temporarily suppress addictive behaviors.


By retraining your mind through a mindfulness practice, you can create new neural networks.


Good nutrition can rejuvenate the mind and body to promote health, well-being and sobriety.


Think of it as retreat-ment.  A way of immersing oneself, getting deep support and rejuvenation without having to stop life in its tracks.

We created this program in the evenings, over 8 weeks (not months or years) because we recognize and honor that not everyone can take the time away from families or work for full-time, full-day treatment. We also know that real change isn’t easy. We believe it is possible to shake things up without taking everything apart.

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This program is designed to combine traditional and alternative methods to go where conventional recoveries can’t – and to support the client’s whole person so that they can triumph.

  • 8 weeks

    8 Weeks

    The SITC program is 8 weeks from start to finish. Imagine, transforming your life, breaking free from addictive cycles and living more free in 8 weeks.

  • Evenings


    All programming happens in the evenings, after work. Keep your job and work on yourself, they’re not mutually exclusive.

  • Spirit

    Spiritual Core

    Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation are the core, not supplemental tools. Spiritual practices are the foundation from which SITC treats addiction.

  • Alternative

    12 Step Alternative

    SITC offers alternative structured support systems including: Smart Recovery and Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society.